League Manager

Simplify, Connect & Share

Whether running a club tournament or the county championships, LeagueManager makes running leagues a doddle.

Why LeagueManager?

Most leagues are run by committees of volunteers who give their valuable time freely, and before now, spending long hours pouring over spreadsheets preparing divisions and fixtures, only to start again because of a late entry.

We built LeagueManager to massively simplify all aspects of running a league, or cup, or tournament, no matter how large or small, and in doing so, remove the hassle and return time to enjoy the games, as it should be.

Multiple Users

It's a team effort, even at committee level

Ease of Use

We're passionate about fabulous user experience


Supports common league & cup configurations & rules


Standings tables and playoffs update as results recorded


Easily update your website with fixtures and results


Data privacy and security come first. Always!

Teams Integrate Seamlessly

As part of the SURPASSPORT platform, league fixtures automatically synchronize with teams registered on the SURPASSPORT App, eliminating the need to extract, print and disseminate all league fixtures.

On the receiving side, the fixture calendar is automatically populated for the full season.

Where league eligibility criteria are set (e.g. born after 1 Jan 2007), they are applied to the team and assigned players, and a pass / fail indicator is presented to the league coordinators and opposing coach, removing the need to share team sheets and avoiding potential data privacy issues.

Use the SURPASSPORT App to monitor athlete workload, to communicate with parents / players and to track matchplay for coaching feedback.


Referees can securely access their assigned fixtures through their SURPASSPORT profile.

This allows them to plan ahead, contact team coaches if needed, and when the game is complete, record the scores directly into the fixture records.

We're constantly adding more capability and would love to hear from your on how this feature can be strengthened and improved.


Our emphasis on user friendliness hopes to translate to a minimum of support, but also offer on-boarding and training services to rollout faster.

We agree pricing for all engagements upfront, with a typical setup, import & orientation taking less than 2 hours.

We aim to support you in running your competitions. Reach out to us if you think that your needs are a little different and we'll see what we can do.


We define a competition as one headline category, e.g 'Under 12 Hurling', for one season or championship, with unlimited teams, unlimited divisions, unlimited groups, unlimited fixtures, unlimited coordinators, .. you get the picture.

All this for only €10 per competition, including VAT.

Data Privacy

We are passionate about data privacy and data protection, and this is reflected in both our policies and in our technologies. In all cases, we always act as trustees of your data and commit to keeping it safe and only for the purpose intended.

Under Data Protection Act 2018, Surpass Sport Systems Ltd. acts as a Data Processor operating on behalf of competition organisers, clubs and schools.

LeagueManager is an integral component of the SURPASSPORT platform, which benefits users by securely sharing identified data with authorised parties, in much the same way that such data would be shared in the real-world. As a result, there may be shared ownership of the data, with both access and control managed accordingly.

LeagueManager facilitates alternatives to unnecessarily sharing data: for example, avoiding team sheet proliferation by offering assurance that all players meet eligibility criteria, helping our clients better meet their GDPR obligations.

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If you would like to learn a little more, or would like to see LeagueManager in action or need assistance in getting a league setup, we're here to help.